From the

House and Gardens of the DragonStarrz

 On this day of days

We DragonStarrz,  also known as:

 Naradeshswara Tranzformative/Tantric ShivLings

Send you this transmission from

 Light Being Lord Shiva

 This is a call to all StarrSeeds awake and awakening currently stationed on Planet Mother Earth

Now IS the time of the Great Change

Your assignment at this time is to lead the beings of earth in the Building of SAT YUGA

We are transmitting to you From the

City of Light on the Potomac

Washington D.C.

Mother Earth’s Solar Plexus

This being where major building decisions will emanate from,

no matter where you are located on Mother Earth focus through your soul eyes to this location.

Set aside your fear, demands, beliefs of what is best and open yourselves to the inflow of Universal healing

energies sent by the Light Beings, avatars and ascended masters gathered around our Mother at this time.

  As Mother heals WE heal

this is a never ending transmission

sent by the

Voice of the DragonStarrz


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