the Little Train that Could
“I know I can,I know I can”
traveling up the mountain to
SAT Yuga
Every being great and small
Every form of energy has a car on OUR train
we close our eyes opening the third
 look upon the stage as the curtains open to see:
our train wending its way up the mountain
so many cars we cover Mother, we are mother.
It’s springtime the dawning of a new age and time for spring cleaning
We are offering mantra and meditation tune ups and 3rd eye eyewash
 For those tools sitting forgotten in the corner we offer rust removal and updates
REIKI reactivation and tuneups think your  attunements didn’t take,
  it’s just time to wake them up
Wiring, rewiring and self monitoring tips
AKA positive thinking, affirmation, decree and command, see it, hear it, say it, read it.  
IAM light, I am Love, IAM All things bright and beautiful IAM
IAM earth, air, wind, fire and water, the north, south, east and west
IAM the begining and the end I dwell in the heart of all beings
There is only one GOD/DES SHE HE has many Names
 For your edification,entertainment and enlightenment we offer soul to soul meets with and about :
  1. Ganesha Loving Ganesha, Opener of gates, clearer of obstacles lord of education, medicine, love and laughter 
  2.  Over coming depression without using Zombie perscription drugs that may cause autism and other negative side affects
  3. creating abundance in your life
  4. SHIva’s gifts Shilijit, Rudraksha Beads, Marijuana, Narmada ShivLings
  5. careers,transformation,change,transitions we are here to talk to you
  6. Many lbessings to you, have a great day

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  1. Quu00e9 buena cru00f3nica, estaba tan estupefacto con la movida que me ha venido bien para enterarme de todo. Yoprometo ir con los ojos mu00e1s cerrad Click

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