Old High Tech, Narmada Shiva Lingams

Narmada Tantric Shiva Lingham, Old Age High Technology? You bet your sweet bippee. Stop for a minute and consider the role of stones from current pre-history to our pre-industrial age. Are you perhaps wondering at my wording? Well it is like this, How many millions of years has Mother Tara been here, tell me please how far back do our current histories go? Back to subject, Stones the bones of Ma. Bring to your minds eye the great ampitheaters of Rome, Greece, Byzantium, the catherals of Europe, the Linga temples of Asia, Stone Henge, Easter Island, the Omphalos, Dolmans found all over the globe. Well that is it about stones in general or I would be sitting here writing a book. “Stones, the Bones of Ma.”


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