Linga Purana Vedic? text or older

July 31, 2007 - One Response

Fascinating Linga has many meanings let’s take 2

a. linga is that place that exists before and after, ground state? From which all things spring and all things return to

b. linga is the plural for lingam or lingham which means phallus

Narmada Shiva Lingams the oval stone represents linga the male Passive cosmic pond and the Yoni Marks represent the female Active Shakti

I am

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All things bright and beautiful, I am the light shining in the heavens, the starrs that shine like diamonds in the indigo skies of night, the moonlight shining on the lovers at play. I am the sun rising in the eastern sky, the sun at noonday shining in a cloudless sky, I am the sun setting in the western skies setting the it ablaze with streaks of salmon. I am blessed . I have so much to be thankful for. So much. Thank you my friend God/dess Bless us all.


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quote of the day, Jerahmia B. Frogg

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Do you know what the Hijrah of India are? Oh by the way my sole purpose in being is to facilitate you in the stretching of your mind beyond it`s comfortable boundaries..

quote of the day, Jeerahmia B. Frogg

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Froggy sayzz, Weird. Weird? No one is WeiRD. Know anyone who is normal? What we are is UNIQUE, each and everyone of us. Buuh bye and Happy Trailzzz to you until we meet again.

Old High Tech, Narmada Shiva Lingams

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Narmada Tantric Shiva Lingham, Old Age High Technology? You bet your sweet bippee. Stop for a minute and consider the role of stones from current pre-history to our pre-industrial age. Are you perhaps wondering at my wording? Well it is like this, How many millions of years has Mother Tara been here, tell me please how far back do our current histories go? Back to subject, Stones the bones of Ma. Bring to your minds eye the great ampitheaters of Rome, Greece, Byzantium, the catherals of Europe, the Linga temples of Asia, Stone Henge, Easter Island, the Omphalos, Dolmans found all over the globe. Well that is it about stones in general or I would be sitting here writing a book. “Stones, the Bones of Ma.”

quote of the day, Jerahmia B. Frogg

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Ohm Namaha Shivia,

She IS! Life, She IS! Life, She IS!! Life,

Jai, Jai,



quote of the day, Jeramiah B.Frogg

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Welcome to Jerahmia`s theatre of the “mind”. Come on in sit down kick back. The best experience is to be using 3rd eye visuals and sound effects. Jeerahmia says: Happy, Happy (boom, boom), Joy, Joy, (bam,bam), Well that is it folks. Buuh Bye and as always Happy!!!! TRAILZZZZZ……to you until we meet again

I Am, yoU are, Wheee are

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I am, You are, We are, without you there is no me, without me no you, without us no we. What we put our attention to is. What we take our attention away from is not. “Clap for Tinkerbell, or Tinkerbell dies.” Who am I? I am, therefore you are. I am the moon at night, the sun of day,the stars hanging in the heavens. The air is my mind, the clouds my thoughts, the wind my emotions, the rain my tears, from the smallest grain of sand on the beach to tallest mountain the stones are the bones of my body. And you my children who are the cells of my body, you are also my hands and feet. Who am I? My names are legion, IsIs, Osirus, Mother Divine, Shiva, Shakti,  Athena, Apallo, Mary Queen of Compassion, Jehovah, Frigg, Loki, Parvati, Corn Queen, Ram, Seeta, Hathor, Thoth,  There is only One God/dess with many names, yo!Mah works for now. In fact you can use any of my names just call me.  Clap for me, clap for UMeWe


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